POEM BY Dolly Berthelot, Copyright © 2024

How Do You Measure A Year?
Short Documentary by Jay Rosenblatt 2021

A Dad questions his daughter
Every year on her birthday
Age 2 to 18…
And captures cherished moments.

I loved this short film. Loved it.
Wish I’d done it, as parent or as child.
Wish someone would have wanted to
Do it with me, as my parent or as my child.

My only son would have resisted,
Resisted mightily, perhaps angrily,
By school age if not before.
….At least I think so….

My parents would have ignored or dismissed the idea,
Never considered such folly,
Even if they saw the film.
Not Mom. Not Dad.
“How silly!” “Why bother?”
“You are just TOO sensitive!”
….At least I think so….

But what do I really know??

Somehow, I fell deep, deep into a crevice
Between and below both generations.
People I so love, so need, and so struggle to reach.

We just couldn’t, still can’t, quite connect—
Not as I yearn to connect—
Now further separated by distance and death.
Two generations I still try hard to touch, to grab,
To understand…

Can either hear me calling from the depths?
Calling? Calling? Calling from the depths?

How…do… you…measure…a…relationship?